[21] Productizing Customer Support w/ Kyle Brown (WPSaaS.net)

[21] Productizing Customer Support w/ Kyle Brown (WPSaaS.net)

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On today’s episode I have a conversation with Kyle Brown, the founder of WPSaaS. You might think of that as Service as a Software, but it actually is Support as a Service.

Basically, Kyle was able to productize customer support. Most of his clients are WordPress plug-in developers but he is expanding helping companies who sell SaaS products too. Kyle’s company enables you to outsource Tier 1 support, all those common questions from customers who are too lazy or can’t find your documentation.

Kyle shares his story about how he came from managing thousands of customer support reps from huge companies like Verizon, and how he bootstrapped this service for smaller software companies. It’s specially interesting how he translated all his experience in the form of processes and systems. Also, how to manage your HelpScout inbox, customer support best practices, tips when it comes to tagging, and lots more.


Episode Notes

[2:05] What’s WPSaaS is all about and why he entered the WordPress plug-ins support space.

  • “What’s missing [at companies] is someone who can talk both to the developers and to the business people. If you figure out how to fit there, well, you’ll never worry about work again”

[12:18] Differences and similarities between customer support at large and small companies

  • “If a business idea requires you to change someone’s else mindset, then you probably better find another idea.”
  • “If you’re having any level of success with your product, then you’ll need support.”

[19:37] Specifics of Kyle’s first steps. Landing pages, switching ads for cold calls, stalking clients and first referrals. Scaling 2 months later starting.

  • “As there will be more and more SaaS products, customer services will start to be one of the things that break the tie in business success”

[32:17] The 3 main things to hire and scale: deep understanding of your process from A to Z, document for execution and portability, documentation maintenance.

[38:40] The power of tagging all customer support