[34] Un-Productizing a Conversion Rate Optimization service w/ Josh Frank

[34] Un-Productizing a Conversion Rate Optimization service w/ Josh Frank

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Today on the show we’ve got Josh Frank, the founder of Test Triggers. That’s a productized service focused on Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) for e-commerce stores.

Joshua’s been out with this over 3 years now. In his words, he built this productize service, then tore it down and built it up back again, so we get the whole story about this decision.

Josh was one of the very first people that I connected with through my Productize Program. He was able to leave a full time position and pretty quickly transition into this productized service offering. He found success early on and evolved over time. So we talk about this story and how he scaled and adapted to the point he felt comfortable.

Also, Josh describes his marketing strategies, gives tips and tricks about CRO, and shares useful tools when it comes to optimize conversions on our sites.

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Episode Notes

[1:33] How Josh used his experience working for e-commerce stores to start his company. Why Josh understands better than others his clients’ psychology.

  • “Traditional marketing agencies are generally pretty terrible at providing actual measurable results.”
  • “[The Productized Course] helped me close deal a hell of a lot faster.”
  • “I was walking around the office and people was… oh he is the A/B testing guy.”

[14:15] How Conversion Rate Optimization works.

  • “Underneath CRO is A/B testing, that’s just a way you prove out these ideas. Conversion Research is the biggest portion of it, by far.”
  • “If you are really into this, you know that best practices really just aren’t a thing. They just aren’t.”

[19:13] Why Josh “un-productized” his company at one point. How he let clients go to focus on more profitable ones.

  • “I didn’t enjoy the process of scaling it. I just liked what I was doing. I though if I could do more like would give me the same destination, just with a different route.”

[34:02] Examples of how Customer Research works. Tools and tips for CRO.

  • “The biggest lesson that I try to help everybody un-learn is: successful A/B testing has nothing to do with how smart you are.”
  • “Being able to justify the ROI of CRO is very scalable.”


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    Towards the end, Josh mentioned offering listeners a PDF of planning questions…is that available?