[35] Josh Pigford on Solo Founding & Acquiring Many Skillsets

[35] Josh Pigford on Solo Founding & Acquiring Many Skillsets

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Josh Pigford is the founder of Baremetrics and quite few other projects that led up to his long and windy journey through entrepreneurship. I’m sure most of you are familiar with him at least in recent years, but here we talk a lot more about years past, where he came from and how he built his entrepreneur skill-set.

It’s interesting that Josh is kind of one these Jack of All Trades, or a better way to put it like in baseball, a 5 tool player, as can execute really well on design, development, marketing, tech, business side, etc.

I think there are few people who can execute very well on all those areas, and Josh shares how to figure out how to execute as means to an end.


Episode Notes

[1:30] How Josh got into Baremetrics by scratching his own itch when trying to solve problems for his other projects.

[15:15] The importance of gaining skills.

  • “For me, acquiring a given skill it’s a mean to an end.”
  • “Ten years ago you had to be able to type in a word processor. Now you have to be able to code at some level.”
  • “Maintain these random skill sets is important to relate to the people who work on this.”

[19:43] Earlier projects: how Josh started a web magazine about Apple, jumped into a toys eCommerce and ended building Track The Pack app.

[26:21] How to think about shiny object syndrome and the role of hobbies.


  • following Pigford now, you know, ‘finger on the pulse”, I might learn something…