[36] How to Get 10 Extra Hours (And What To Do With Them) w/ Mandi Ellefson

[36] How to Get 10 Extra Hours (And What To Do With Them) w/ Mandi Ellefson

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Mandi Ellefson from The Hands Off CEO is an expert when it comes to removing yourself from your business and getting into a more scalable state. A lot of her writing, coaching and consulting has a ton of overlap with the things I was teaching the past few years, whether it’s about productize services, systems and processes, hiring people.

Mandi focuses on larger companies going from 75k/year to 500k/year, to over 7 figures/year. She reveals us how she structures her coaching, the type of advice and common pitfalls founders tend to deal with at these various levels.


Episode Notes

[2:01] Why Mandi focused on two or three time management tweaks instead of a complete productivity overhaul.

  • “That one tweak will shift so many other things. What happens is a very effortless transformation.”
  • “Systematize: what that often means is devaluing the service, making it a commoditized product. That’s something I don’t want to see happen.”
  • “There’s a mindset shift that happens between solo entrepreneur to having a team.”

[12:20] The most common problems 6-7 figures company founders struggle with. Why you should guarantee something in your service/product offering.

  • “Identifying a single product or service […] is what allows you to scale profits instead of scaling what you already have which is a mess.”
  • “When companies know who they can get the best results for, and what conditions have to apply for them to get these results, sells become effortless.”

[18:23] The process to hire a CEO that will run your business and free your time.

[27:35] Mandi’s transition from a web design company to coaching.


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