[37] From Training Business to SaaS w/ Brennan Dunn (RightMessage)

[37] From Training Business to SaaS w/ Brennan Dunn (RightMessage)

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Today you’re gonna hear my conversation with Brennan Dunn. It’s been awesome to get to know Brennan these past few years and to follow along in his journey.

We start talking about Planscope, the previous SaaS company that he built and sold. Then we shift to his training business which he’s grown with an Engineering approach.

In 2017 Brennan is launching a new SaaS company called RightMessage. Brennan shares how he came with the initial idea, how he on-boarded the first customers, and then of course how he’s been growing it at very rapid pace.

Listen to this episode to understand Brennan’s mindset, how things unfolded from year to year, and give a peek at behind the scenes of RightMessage, his new SaaS.


Episodes Notes

[1:52] Why Brennan decided to sell and leave Planscope. The main mistakes that makes a SaaS difficult to be adopted. Differences selling SaaS products and training.

  • “It was stressful to see that it was easier to sell somebody a 300 dollar course, than a 20 dollars subscription to a SaaS.”
  • “I gave up on the idea of a SaaS that required people really to change habits and to be in it all the time for it to be valuable.”

[8:36] The seed that generated Right Message.

  • “I’m an Engineer at heart, and I really like the idea of making software.”

[11:49] Engineering a training business. Automatizing and personalizing email marketing.

[20:11] The very first steps building RightMessage. Bringing in a co-founder, launching a landing page, and writing manually to each opt-in to validate the product. Building a course to educate future customers.

  • “Our MRR is higher than Planescope’s after many years, and we are just a month live.”
  • “The customer should not dictate the features or the usability. As product creators that’s our job.”

[27:30] Common objections and how Brennan is addressing them to assure customer success.

[37:44] How Brennan sees himself in the near future.


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