[38] Audience Ops Behind The Scenes (Meet The Team!)

[38] Audience Ops Behind The Scenes (Meet The Team!)

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Today on the Productize Podcast a special episode wit Kat Boogaard and Raj Chander, long team members of AudienceOps.

I invited Kat and Raj to have a conversation about behind the scenes at AudienceOps (AO).

Hopefully you’ll get some insights, a window on how things work, the various roles in the team, what makes a really good team member at AO, which clients tends to stay for the long haul, and how clients get the most value from AO.


Episode Notes

[2:33] What is AudienceOps in the eyes of Kat and Raj. Why AO is not the typical agency, and why focusing brings much better outcomes to the clients as to the team.

  • Kat: “We have the advantage of doing this one thing and doing it really well”.

[9:38] Why AO gives such importance on the clients on-boarding process. Common traits of AO clients.

[18:22] What does our team look like. Roles and responsibilities to run everything smooth even if fully remote. How Kat and Raj roles evolved while AO was growing. What type of person makes a good fit for working at AO (and what doesn’t).

[36:45] Processes. Key improvements made to AO processes so far. Challenges and opportunities to improve the service.

  • Kat: “At this point I think our processes are one of our biggest advantages. They make on-boarding new team members easier, they make communicating with clients easier, they make everything just far more streamlined.”
  • Raj: “You are able to answer a lot of the questions that you have yourself when there’s that documented process that you can tell has been run a bunch of times, and optimized, before.”

[40:40] Valuable lessons Kat and Raj learned while at AO. How thinking in processes helps their private projects.