[42] Productizing LinkedIn Lead Gen (with a Guarantee!) w/ Jake Jorgovan (LeadCookie)

[42] Productizing LinkedIn Lead Gen (with a Guarantee!) w/ Jake Jorgovan (LeadCookie)

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LinkedIn is definitely a social network that I am not totally at a speed on. I had a profile on it, for ever, for years, but is just abandoned and not kept up to date. And I know there’s so much I can be doing on that platform to connect, network, and generate leads for my businesses.

Today you’ll hear my conversation with Jake Jorgovan, the founder of LeadCookie. It is a productize lead generation service focused on LinkedIn.

Jake’s been able to build and launch a really successful productize service offering in really short amount of time. In his very first 4 months he went from zero to nearly $20k a month in recurring revenue.

We cover the whole process of how he built this up, how he validated it, how he got his first customers, how he figured out the process to deliver it.


Episode Notes

[2:12] What LeadCookie do, and how it grow spectacularly even turning away most of their leads.

  • “What we do it’s really really simple basic stuff, but it’s also very monotonous and repetitive.”
  • “I probably turn away 5 out of every 6 leads that I get.”

[10:43] How Jake transitioned into productized services and his first attempt packaging cakes as a marketing tactic.

  • “As I was doing consulting I was looking for tactics that could be repeatable and systematized.”
  • “What I ended up landing on is not even some crazy new innovation, it’s taking a bunch of other people’s idea and just turning it into a done-for-you service.”
  • “When someone doesn’t know how to sell they are actually not a good customer for us, because they won’t close the lead we get them.”

[32:59] Setting clients’ expectations and refining the on-boarding process. How LeadCookie is structured today and what roles are they filling up. Exact details of the on-boarding process.

  • “We’re not doing a sales pitch, it’s like conversational, really casual.”


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