[61] Using Humor in Copywriting w/ Lianna Patch

[61] Using Humor in Copywriting w/ Lianna Patch

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Today you’re going to hear my conversation with Lianna Patch from Punchline Copy and SNAP. Lianna is a copywriter that writes funny sales copy, and focuses working with SaaS and ecommerce companies.

I met Lianna at MicroConf Vegas where she gave a really good talk about humor in copy.

I find fascinating when people take a creative skill and merge it with a freelancing or productize service career in some sort of marketing service like copywriting.

We talk about tips when using both research and data-driven insights with humor to resonate more with your target audience, her stand-up and comedy background, and how she productized her copywriting consulting.


Episode Notes

[4:15] How Lianna came to mix copywriting with humor. Systematizing the discovery of a client’s style.

  • “There’s a lot of things that work on the same level between improv and copywriting, like the rule of 3.”
  • “What was going on in your life that brought you to solve this problem?”

[16:19] Principles to include humor in the copy. Including Easter-eggs in the text. How a typical project looks like.

  • “When I’m making jokes on a piece of copy I never want to sacrifice the message of the copy itself.”

[23:41] What kind of humor works best to each audience. How it is a outsourcing copywriting. Working side by side with the designer.

  • “Design needs to support copy and vice-versa.”

[30:28] How Lianna is getting her clients. The importance of a fast turnaround. The buy-my-day model and the credits model.

  • “Audit all your copy assets for the word we where in fact it should say you.”

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