[62] How Allan Branch Turned a Crazy Project Into a YouTube TV Show

[62] How Allan Branch Turned a Crazy Project Into a YouTube TV Show

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It’s always fun to catch up with Allan Branch from LessAccounting and LessEverything. He’s been involved in all sorts of different interesting business.

This year Allan and his family bought a warehouse in Panama City (FL), turned into their home, and turned it into a YouTube show which then they sold to Lowe’s.

After hearing that, I’ve said to myself: I’ve had to get Allan on the show.

So we’ve got all into that, from finding the estate to finding sponsors and selling the show. We’ve got also into his next project, a brewery how he’s been running LessFilms (a video production company for SaaS businesses) and all his other projects.


Episode Notes

[1:56] Converting a warehouse into a family’s house and sharing the process on YouTube.

  • “Steve and I always said that the business is here for the business’ owners to use and abuse to build the life we want.”

[8:44] Involving LessFilms in the process. Getting sponsors.

[19:37] The aftermath of the show. The good and the bad.

  • “I could have made more money writing software than shooting the show.”

[23:27] Landscape of Allan’s projects.

  • “Your business can be your prison or your playground.”

[27:48] The Brewery project.

  • “Going with distribution reminds me of a lifestyle business vs funded startups. If you go with them it’s all about sales people, huge equipment, front-loading costs, going big, scale scale scale…”
  • “Breweries have great profit margins and they are socially accepted.”
  • “I basically just want a reason to recreate the craziness of LessConf every week.”

[33:00] Comparison between software and real estate development. Leaving a legacy to the community.