[70] Scaling a Facebook Ads Agency by Staying Solo w/ Vincent Nguyen (Growth Ninja)

[70] Scaling a Facebook Ads Agency by Staying Solo w/ Vincent Nguyen (Growth Ninja)

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Today I’m talking to Vincent Nguyen (pronounced like win). He is the founder of Growth Ninja. That’s a Facebook Ads productized service.

This is a very technical interview. We dive deep into the nitty-gritty of running a service.

We talk about how he work with clients, how he structured his service, and his unique pricing model for this kind of service.


Episode Notes

[2:27] Performance-based pricing model.

  • “Growth Ninja is a performance-based Facebook Ads company.”

[8:42] How Vincent chooses and identify his clients. Why someone would outsource Facebook Ads.

  • “Time is finite. Facebook Ads is a full time job. If you are doing it in-house you’re at the mercy of an opportunity cost.”
  • “Scaling is the most difficult part of Facebook Ads. People wonder why doing great spending $100 a day, they add a zero and performance goes down.”

[12:56] Examples of a scaling problems and counter-intuitive challenges. Optimizing for Facebook whims.

[19:36] Strategy to start a campaign with Facebook Ads.  What to show first time to a complete stranger.

  • “My first priority is to make cold traffic work as soon as possible.”
  • “If only do warm traffic, how are you going to scale?”

[24:05] Thoughts on servicing B2B vs B2C companies.

  • “One question I always ask is what is do you know your expected revenue per lead?”

[27:23] How Vincent started Growth Ninja from a dinner with Neil Patel. The story of his video for a position in Empire Flippers.

  • “When I started Growth Ninja my mindset was so messed up. I wasn’t even taking it seriously for the few first months.”
  • “I thought about GN as a company from day 1. I knew that that’s so much more powerful angle with lot more credibility.”

[38:04] The day-to-day of a solo operator. Time spent in administrative, analysis, and creative.

  • “In year 2 I started to realize that my expertise wasn’t in everything.”
  • “You have to be careful when you are trying to push someone past what comfortable with their own business because their identity it’s their brand.”

[44:11] Logistics to get payed with a performance-based model. Issues with attribution.

[47:18] What to keep in mind about Facebook Ads in 2018.

  • “Don’t panic. It’s been on seemingly apocalyptic mode since I’m working on this.”