[72] Bootstrapping SaaS for Teams w/ Henry Poydar (Status Hero)

[72] Bootstrapping SaaS for Teams w/ Henry Poydar (Status Hero)

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Today I’m talking to Henry Poydar. He is the founder of Status Hero, a little SaaS app tool for teams who need to get status updates from their fellow teammates. Works like a replacement for the daily stand-up, and members get updates into Slack or email.

We talk about Henry’s story, how he bootstrapped this app, how he transitioned from working in a large corporation to consulting, and then starting up his own software business.

He coded most of the app himself and had success bootstrapping his app in the last 3 years.


Episode Notes

[2:36] Extending the trial for enterprise customers.

  • “The idea is to eliminate meetings. Specially with today’s remote teams across timezones, it’s difficult to get the tech right, meet everyone on a zoom call.”
  • “I found that the extensions are the qualifiers. You know a bigger company is interested if a trial extension keeps them onboard.”

[8:11] Before Status Hero.

  • “I was lucky. I got into the web at a time where full-stack actually meant something.”
  • “Getting on a plane every week on a Sunday and coming back on Friday is a really tough way to live.”

[13:21] How working from home compares to working in a larger organization and startups.

  • “I noticed that in a startup, compared to a large organization, the signal to noise ratio inverted. 9 out of 10 emails matters. I a company 1 out of 10 emails matter.”
  • “It’s ironic that creatives avoid distraction to get into deep to work on software that’s designed to grab people’s attention”

[23:50] Legit MVPs and how to use Product Hunt to launch your product. Cutting features for an easier selling process.

  • “You really have one shot launching on Product Hunt. You can’t afford to have a crappy MVP.”
  • “The best outcome for something on Product Hunt is to get email addresses into pipeline, not trials, not customers, because you’re in awareness stage.”

[30:48] Doubling revenue when switching pricing from tiered teams to per user.

  • “Pricing was very difficult because my initial users weren’t startups who were price sensitive at all.”
  • “At the time and still now everybody advises against per seat pricing.”
  • “I wanted the automated credit-card sign-up make-money-while-you-sleep thing to work. I wanted it to be low touch.”

[35:01] The truth about app integrations as marketing channel.

  • “I think that taking on managing folks is a massive responsibility, it takes a lot of mind share.”