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Do you know someone you’d like to hear Brian interview on the Productize Podcast?  Use the form below to send in your suggestion.

If we find the person and their story interesting, then we will reach out.  Please note: while we review every suggestion, we contact a very small portion of them.

Our criteria and interests in the types of guests we invite on are always evolving.  Here are some general guidelines:

  • Have an interesting story and unique “hook” (if the pitch doesn’t interest us, it won’t interest our audience).
  • Just having a product that you sell is not a story.  We don’t book purely promotional interviews.
  • Our audience are interested in a variety of online business models:  Productized services, software, memberships, coaching, e-commerce, and occasionally physical products.
  • It helps if you can send a few links to other podcasts or videos where the guest has been interviewed.

  • Include their company website, their personal blog, and any other relevant links.
  • Enter their email address or the URL of a contact form where they can be reached.
  • What do they do? What does their company do?
  • Revenue numbers, units or members, team size, time since launch, etc... Anything to help provide a sense of the size and growth of your company up until now.
  • Please provide links.
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